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I was trawling through the infarnet when I came across your site. Can you really be the girl I attended school with way back in the mists of time.

The names Ivy and Trellis go so well together and I always remember that you wished to be called "Mrs" even at junior school.

Yes you were the girl who was evacuated from Wales to "St Michaels by the Sea" Junior school in Scunthorpe and then after a nasty incident involving the headmistresses pet ostrich we were all re-located to "Rogers End" junior school which was an outstanding erection in Penistone.

I can't tell much more in case you are not the Ivy Trellis I knew, but I remember those days as if they were yesterday. You will probably remember me by my nickname "Nobby".

Must go for now.

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St Michael's Ostrich

The Ostrich I was very fortunate to be sent this photograph believed to be a direct descendent of the "St Michael's by the Sea" bird - rediscovered coutesy of the School of Bio-flaying Sciences, Athens, Georgia, USA
(Both have chosen to remain anonymous to protect their biodiversity)

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