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Dear all, and especially you Mrs Trellis.

I cannot contain my wonderment after finding your site on the infranet, and realising, or at least convincing myself, that you are really my long lost childhood friend.

It is only recently that I have come across the infranet at the local library where I am guided by the most able librarian who sits on my right hand whenever I operate the mouse. Just think 3 months ago I thought the infranet was an address in Keynsham where some old batchelor helped you invest your money.

But back to dear Mrs Trellis. The memories are slow to come to mind but I have to share this one with you.

I mentioned previously the school at Scunthorpe and Mrs Trellis coming from Wales, well just prior to her evacuation she was presented by her grandfather with an antique pair of wellington boots, golashes(sic) we called them, which had come all the way from the Bore War and had been worn at the relief of Lady Smith.

I have this lovely image of us on the beach at Scunthorpe after school, Mrs Trellis and me and her sheep dog, which had to come with her from Wales, and how the dog at her almost silent command would round up all the stray lumps of sea coal. Absolutely breathtaking the precision of it all but there was an incident one day, now what was it, I'm blowed if I can remember at the moment.

One thing though, Mrs Trellis never did tell me why she was evacuated in the first place. Seems strange now. Perhaps other people who look at these pages will know. Bugger the libraries closing.

All the best, Nobby

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