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Guy Ropes pitches up

Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Guy Ropes

I am so excited because I have just found your wonderful website which has brought back so many memories for me.

Yes I have slept with Mrs Trellis, but of course it was only when we were kids at Scunthorpe school. You see we were on a camping trip, I can't remember where, but I do remember getting a nasty scratch from having my hand in a bush where I shouldn't have. Those old ex army tents with the tar soaked groundsheets that weighed a ton, well due to the uneven numbers I had to share a tent with Mrs Trellis, I know what you are thinking but I was too young, however I could tell she was a girl of experience by the way she cracked the nuts we had for supper that night; at least that is what she told me they were.

But sleeping in a couple of old potatoe sacks side by side with her I felt very safe under the stars.

Here I go again, the main reason for me comunicating and all that with you is to tell you about dear old Nobby, and now I am being called in for my tea, bugger you never get any peace these days. I will write again soon. How do you end this sort of thing? I don't want every Tom Dick and harry reading this--- I usually end my letters love to all, but I'll settle for cheerio for now.


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