Feu d'artifice a Paris

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A big explosion was reported today near the Eiffel Tower

Juillet 14 Paris
Juillet 14 Paris

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Juillet 14 Paris

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The 20 minute delay to the start of last year's firework display for Bastille Day in Paris was originally blamed on striking arts workers but is now thought to have been caused by a wellington boot thrown over the wall of the Trocadero shortly before firing time by a Mrs Trellis from mid Wales.

Mrs Trellis was in the company of an Italian media mogul who was heard to comment that the french couldn't organise a "gas chamber firing in a concentration camp".


Last night Monday 14th July, Paris police arrested a Mr GordonStoun on Rue D'Ampere at 23,00h after he confessed to having impersonated Mrs Trellis for most of that day whilst in the company of Signor Berlusconi. He said that wearing a pinny and wellington boots on such a hot day was not a good idea, and that he had only recently discarded them.

Police said that they originally became suspicious after reports of a man with a stake down his trousers seen heading towards Rue D'Ampere from the Montmartre direction in a highly charged state.

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