Daisy the Cow & Llandinam Evacuations

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Daisy after a visit by the Luftwaffe


We discover about a nasty scratch from a bush...read on

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Granners remembers evacuating

I too evacuated with Mrs Ivy Trellis, writes 'Granners', the reason being that the Luftwaffe returning from a bombing raid on Liverpool, jettisoned a surplus bomb over Llandinam killing Daisy the cow (later mounted and stuffed), and sending the local good-time-girl and her eponymous, sorry anonymous companion flying home with legs and knickers akimbo!

What struck me about Ivy, was her name 'Mrs' and an interesting protuberance when I got too close to her during a playground session of 'What's the Time, Mr. Wolf?'

There's no doubt that she put a major part of herself into Scunthorpe as did my old mate Nobby into Penistone.

It was an interesting episode in my life though I remember it being hard most of the time...with rationing and all that austerity.

I hope I have got this story off pat. Best wishes, Granners.

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