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Mornington Crescent

Mrs Trellis would like to contribute to the game but has become somewhat confused and offered us a beer mat she picked up somewhere on the Shankill Road. Wrong city, Mrs Trellis! Oh well, nevermind, welcome to the game!

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OttarSeven Sisters
DannyBrent Cross
St PancreasBeen out of the game for some time so forgive my if I'm a bit rusty. I can see you've now adopted the 1972 Bakerloo-Hammersmith ruling in this game, which puts me in a difficult position both vertically and horizontally. Tower Hill it is then.
DannyBrent Cross
Malcolm Oxford Circus
lord_globulaxthe cockfosters gambit
JoeOxford Circus
MidworthySince it's the month of June... Plaistow
AndyBromley by bow
Sarah Monument
Chris Tottenham Court Road
NCentral line to white city
Billy MackDollis Hill
Mr. TrellisVauxhall
James JacobsKentish Town
James JacobsEuston
Kevin PrimtrouseEaling Broadway
lauralondon waterloo then reverse cross to west ruislip
Roger WenackKings Cross
Mikkel PetersenMill Hill East. I'm fairly new to this game, but perhaps some of the more experienced players could tell me whether this play fulfils the four-four-four criterion, thus placing the Finchley Central player in Nidd? I realise Mill Hill East opened in May 1941, so it would fail according to standard rules - but I should think four-four-four takes precedence over both standard rules and the Southwark temporal amendments? Can't find it explicitly stated anywhere, though?
Barry Barry Barry Barry Barry Barry Barry Barry Barry Barry Barry Barry Barry Barry Barry Barry Barry Barry Barry Barry Barry Barry Barry Barry Barry Barry Barry Barry Barry Barry Barry Barry Barry Barry Barry Barry Oh, nice. South Wimbledon it is then.
DigbyFrom one park to another - Regents Park.
Kisma NutzFinchley Central
Roger WenackKings Cross
Just A Friendly NaziColindale
ChrisCamden Town
Scorpion de RooftrouserNow that's a tricky one to counteract. The obvious temptation is to triple-back to Roding Valley again, but I'll wager that's just want you want me to do. Next thing I know I'm trapped in an Epping Moebius. Tactics like those are killing the game, you know. I've seen many a neophyte get condemned to that eternal Nidd and subsequently swear off the game forever. Fortunately I'm no beginner and have noted the opportunity for a Ruislip Corollary, allowing me to squeeze into Digby
JazzyI'm going to go somewhat against the grain and play that little known gambit Loughton. I know the diagonals are sometimes in opposition to this, but since Black Horse Road has been left undefended I saw an option to double back through the Roding Valley loop.
DannyBrent Cross
JeffTottenham Court Road
Harry SnapperorgansLeicester Square
I do not.Bromley by Bow.
KittaFinchley Road
DigbyFrom one park to another - Regents Park.
Mystery playerClapham common
PeterBaker street
PeterCovent garden
Dolly SillRotherhithe
(optional)You've left that one wide open! Maida Vale
PeteFinchley Central
TobyColliers wood
CateBelowZeroFrom Park to Neutral - Marylebone - and the Swiss Embassy
DigbyFrom one park to another - Regents Park.
JamesFinsbury park
The Old GitfacesCharing Cross
RumbletrousersLadbroke Grove
Gerry Baker Street
GaryCamden Town
JamesKings Cross
NivTooting Bec
Paul McCleanWest Ruislip
GavBromley by Bow
Duncsouth quays
The DoctorWaterloo
DigbyFrom one park to another - Regents Park.
JohnChalk farm
Mystery playerHolborn
brain for brainsSurprised no-one did it sooner, but since it's the first week of the year, Rickmansworth.
DigbyFrom one park to another - Regents Park.
CateBelowZeroForgot to top up my Oyster card - Happy New Year from Euston Square
NUEuston Square
brain for brainsEdgware road. Deal with it.
optionalI didn't want to do this, but Mill Hill East
brain for brainsElephant and Castle
DigbyFrom one park to another - Regents Park.
optionalDamn it all. Morden it is.
DigbyFrom one park to another - Regents Park.
LevEast India
AllanFinchley central
MikeRussell square
optionalBlackhorse Road
Graham GreeneI see you've made the biggest mistake of your career - bringing the game back to the Ancient King's Game. So in that case... Finchley Central
Archie PelagoOn a Tuesday? Not a chance. You go to nid and I'll goto Canary Wharf
Mr TrellisFrom one gap to another - Bank
Dingle BingleIn that case, Watford
DigbyFrom one park to another - Regents Park.
if you have oneHigh Street Kensington
Tommoor park
optionalDigby, the Regents Park loop hasn't been allowed since the Conference of Gruyeres finally codified the supremacy of Haymarket's Ledger over the Winstonborne Pamphlet. And if you want to use pre-Gruyere rules it's a stipend of 400 Swiss francs or a hundredweight of carob. Either stump up or find a new strategy. In the meantime, Gospel Oak.
Stath EagleI appreciate the purists won't like this, but the smart play here is Blackhorse Road.
Skeleton JonesSnaresbrook
DigbyFrom one park to another - Regents Park.
Frankly I know I need to brush up a bit and this is a bit of a reach... High Barnet?
Cardboard CockneyI am going to do an Espinoza dissection for the first time since I played in the the Zagreb under 18 European championship some 40 years. A negative splik over to Blake Hall is a highly irregular move I would agree as only 18 people have this move since the turn of the century but the situation dictates
optionalExcuse me, this is not slam-invitational. Epping.
DigbyFrom one park to another - Regents Park.
GavSidling over to Heathrow Terminals 1, 2 and 3!
Gordon BennettHeathrow Terminal 4
DigbyFrom one park to another - Regents Park.
FerretOK I'm new to this but I'm trying a daring move - Bank!
magsElephant and Castle, should be OK
DigbyFrom one park to another - Regents Park.
DavidIn that case, Caledonian Road
Mystery playerI'm going to pop up to Bank.
Malcolm SpinksCharing Cross
Malcolm SpinksTooting Broadway
GavI'll go Dagenham East.
Jason HLeyton - the hard way
Derek BerwickBow Church
PukekoHeathrow Terminal 5
LegioonaBank to St.Pauls
DigbyFrom one park to another - Regents Park.
Mrs TrellisBaker Street
MarcusWill have to take into account the new covid isolation rules and stay at home. Colindale
ChairmanBefore its grand opening I take the new down escalator to Battersea Power Station
Graeme's LadygardenSouth Kenton
Hyacinth Pimlico
James JacobsCockfosters
James JacobsEuston
The DoctorSt Johns Wood
DigbyI'll take a chance on Chancery Lane.
MikeTempleton Peck
Derek FollicleParsons Green. RIP
ThomasVictoria Station
CSTottenham Court Road
DigbyI think I need to use a Northern Line clause in order to avoid Nidd, so will go to Borough.
GavSneaky sneaky! I'll have to slide down to Pimlico in that case.
PeterHainault, obvs
Sarah MerrinerGoldhawk road
DigbyHah! Morningt... oh, wait now, I forgot I can't go there after the previous player went with a parallel reversal. So near and yet so close! So in that case I will simply play a straight lateral to Turnham Green.
KatA good defensive move there Gav. I'll take Seven Sisters.
GavLike on the Weakest Link - I'll Bank.
DigbyI hoped it wouldn't have to come to this - Maida Vale.
GavNice move Adam - I'll go with Canada Water.
AdamThey go low, we go Highgate
CateBelowZeroMuch as I hate to do so (my dear Pa was a QPR fan) the only answer is Tottenham Hale
Norman Frederick StovoldLets get back on the network- West Ham
TheBatI make an elliptical transfer to Mansion House.
DigbyThat puts me in a bit of a quandary - take a standard lateral to Temple, or a cheeky diagonal to Warren Street.Yes, Warren Street it is!
CateBelowZeroPerforming another u-turn and ending up in the honourable member for Uxbridge. Yuk!
blehWest Hampstead
PedanticCharing Cross is outlawed in August except where there is a full moon and it hasn't rained in Stratford since May. This was introduced under the Simeon Welsh variation of 1979. Now more commonly known as the Maggie. Therefore Cybill, Embankment.
CybillClever move Victor for a beginner but I think my Charing Cross will top it.
VictorEast Finchley
DRATooting Bec
CerysEuston, Paddington, train station please.
CateBelowZeroOh no, I've landed on a snake! Elephant and Castle
MalDiagonal to Kings Cross
ExiledThe obvious move would be Hampstead so... Brent Cross
RikkiThe silver's blue but the Golders Green
RoseI think Graham's move gets me out of Nidd? Barking
Nameleicester square
GrahamBarbican. It's fantastic!
HumphreyYes, that's definitely fish. Canning town!
HumphreyCanning Town
Madame CholetLeicester Square - time for tea
Uncle BulgariaShepherds Bush - can I get a new series?
MattReturning to Chesham
CateBelowZeroBelend Park - sorry I meant Belsize Park
RaabsBigFootBecontree - two steps on from Barking (Mad)
CateBelowZeroBelend Park - sorry I meant Belsize Park
C4ShiahSudbury Town. Need a park next to a park.
ateBelowZeroBelend Park - sorry I meant Belsize Park
RaabsBigFootDown Street
CateBelowZeroDollis Hill - on crutches
RaabsBigFootNeasden (it's what daenerys would do)
CateBelowZeroQueens Park (the LBW rule being suspended)
somewhat interestedSorry my mistake, I meant to use the earlier Crabgate rule (the 1924 version) and therefore... Clapham Common
GContinuing north to Amersham
Attila the PunSocial distancing to Golders Green
FrankMarble Arch, under the Armistice rules of engagement (1955 update)
Zachary KlaasWillesden Green...I looked it up and it's the closest to Cricklewood. RIP TBT.
QwertyEast Putney to Putney bridge. Without getting my feet wet
MikeOxford Circus
JamieHigh Street Kensington avoiding a switch at Kensington (Olympia)
Gary BackyardVictoria ... if I am lucky
Gary BackyardAh, I meant Aldgate East
DigbyNorth Acton.
RAAKings Cross St Pancras
RobertYou leave me with no choice but Croxley, a last ditch attempt at avoiding any Dollis Hill loops.
DigbyI'll follow that with an abrupt but useful lateral move to Dagenham Heathway.
BarryArnos Grove
Enid FlanberryGoldhawk Road
Gary BackyardAh, I meant Aldgate East
PhilWaterloo via the Welsh turnabout.
DigbyHold on tight everyone! I'm fighting against a stiff crosswind into Heathrow Terminal 5!
Gary BackyardQueensway
petuniakings cross
Gary BackyardTimelords gambit... Strand
Gary BackyardAh, I meant Aldgate East
JoshUsing the late entry swing manouver, I will go to Ealing Broadway
Gary BackyardNo I didn't... Temple
Gary BackyardAh, I meant Aldgate East
DigbyA standard diagonal to Alperton.
TomTurnham Green
AlexEuston Road
Steve RundleTottenham Court Road
Gary BackyardAh, I meant Aldgate East
Gary BackyardDiagonal Wainscot to Aldgate
Ben BI shall bypass the secondary vertical to shunt at HIGH STREET KENSINGTON (in accordance with the 4th ammendment to Finnegan's variation)
MattRoyal Victoria
GeoffBow Church
DigbyHmm, tricky! London Bridge? No - Island Gardens!
Gary BackyardDiagonal Wainscot to Aldgate
MattA backward corkscrew terminating at Cockfosters
Attila the PunI feel I should raise the tone of this honorable pastime with Boston Manor
DigbyGood move, sir! I shall counter it by utilising Marshall's least used station principal to play Roding Valley.
Rizla RedThe long-overlooked Threadneedle Overstep allows me at this point to declare Theydon Bois
Geoffrey of MonmouthWimbledon
Gary BackyardHah, you're in nid, so I play Holborn
Euan East Finchley
LauraTottenham Court Road
West Ham
Gary BackyardCalling in the Timelord's joker ... Farringdon Crossrail when it opens in 2525
UmEuston.. I guess? that's the only one I know.
Fat BankerA double back to Burnt Oak
Lipman rules!Theydon Bois
hoopold street
DigbyGah! That means I can't play Queensway without going into nidd - I shall have to play Latimer Road instead!
Cardboard CockneyI am making a royal refusal based on Konev's inspiration at the 1976 Barking & Dagenham Open. As I am sure you all know, no moves with regal connotations can be played for 72hrs.Moorgate.
MUsing the west country rule, Devons Road
Gary BackyardStopping at Epping For Rest
AndyTaking the long winded route to Epping
DigbySomewhere that's like Dover but isn't Dover... It's Kentish Town.
AndyTaking the long winded route to Epping
Gary BackyardAha, can call on Thatcher's forfeit ... Mudchute
DigbyReverse lateral to Farringdon.
slartibartfastGrange Hill
RobWillesden Junction
JackWarren Street
DigbyLet's go to Mansion House.
Gary BackyardHah, you mentioned bunnies - therefore I can play Watership Down St.(Winston's prerogative).
Rizla RedAah my turn - sorry I have been playing Wobbling Bunnies. My move is Uxbridge Vine Street.
Attila the PunHmmm 1918 rule book eh? So that allows the use of triple cubits. Lambeth North
GuyEast Finchley
MinHas anyone had seven sisters?
Gary BackyardI am not addicted to Mudchute, my browser is haunted. Anyway, British Museum (we are playing to the 1918 rule book?)
Gary Backyard2 steps back to Mudchute
Colin SellNot sure if I'm actually allowed to play? But I'd go TOOTING BEC if I can.
DigbyGallions Reach, using a forward Cryer manoeuvre.
Gary Backyard2 steps back to Mudchute
Hot RatReverse Borgia%27 Conumdrum to Barking.
Wee WillyAah, I can employ Fairlop's Last Theorem (birefringent scattering from Mitre Bridge Junction of course)and move to Crouch End.
Swan VestasHigh Wycombe (!!) The 2M29 "Parlimentary" from Paddington at 1135 to South Ruislip now nonstops West Ruislip and roars straight to High Wycombe.
DigbyAngel Road - using a least used station gambit.
Phil2014 Freedom Pass Gambit to Shoreditch, Overgound twist.
Sammy the SradineCockfosters followed by Hayes opens the game to Cloistering. I can therefore declare Penge West.
Rizla RedHayes & Harlington.For some unknown reason TFL Rail wasnt available to me, I had to get a 140 bus from Heathrow 123
DigbyElephant & Castle.
MattLewisham & Deptford
Hot RatReverse Borgia' Conumdrum to Barking.
TimsWheelbarrowKennington for the double box off!
SlySvenI think I can make a good opening move at this point with a strile to Willesden Junction.
DigbyMarylebone - Standard lateral.
Foisty DankpatchesNah, you'll call riots in Brixton. I'll go Tooting Broadway.
Attila the PunTriple Furghits ( Wainwright's extension not withstanding) allows me to suggest Brixton
Hot RatReverse Borgia' Conumdrum to Barking.
Yes I have a nameUpminster Bridge
DigbyStandard Brooke-Taylor Principle lateral move to Westbourne Park.
Mystery playerCastlebar Park (changed at Greenford)
Gary Backyard2 steps back to Mudchute
Walkers Max StrongStratford International
Gary BackyardHe he, you've totally ignored Rees Mogg's Victorian Tontine segue. Strand, coz you're never alone.
Rizla RedQueensbury
Raw ConesKingsbury puts you right in Nidd! I'll go Mitre Bridge Junction please.
The Doctor Kingsbury
DigbyBard - happened to me too! Mudchute.
THE Bard of CroydonNow I don't know who's just played a couple of moves masquerading as the Bard Of Croydon but it wasn't me, I've been away since I played Ealing Broadway. Now, I reckon St. Paul's should be quite comfortable in this stage of the game.
Bilbo BagginsIf I may join at this time (Snaresbrook Protocol) I shall go with Stratford
DigbyYes you can - bit of a standard lateral, but not bad for an opening gambit. Chancery Lane.
Samantha's SisterHi I'm totally new to this, so can I go Gunnersbury?
DigbySnaresbrook - trick play using a reciprocating inverted approach.
Captain's DaughterKentish Town West
Winnie The PoohCaledonian Road & Barnsbury please.
MattDagenham Heathway
MortimerPlaying a Secondary Tangent (assuming the diagonals are quartered) my move is Southwark
Mystery playerEmploying the Pokeholder's Nudge I will Spring Grove & Osterley
Gary BackyardI can box your Poplar with Wandsworth High Street
DigbyPoplar ought to be a popular move (see what I did there?)
Bard of CroydonHigh Street Kensington is no use to forward triangulation - Theydon Bois.
Shakes ok risky move now High street Kensington
Atilla the PunBelmont (via 230 bus from Stanmore)
Mystery PlayerHa! Shoot-up Hill to your Turnham Green!
Shakesif you Peckham rye then I'll Turnham green
Oxford circus
Digby (the real one!)Don't know who that last 'Digby' was, but it wasn't me! Anyway, my move is to Gallions Reach.
DigbyWOAHH!! I can hold you at signal GE66 at Greenford.
Gary of BackyardFrom oxford circus I can go Sydenham Hill
shakes Oxford circus
Bard of NeasdenFort William (via the Caledonian Sleeper from Kings Cross)
Shakes Gunnersbury
Peter Simpsonmaida vale
Shakes Ealing Broadway
anonymous playerBorough Market will straddle your Stratford
Shakes wow hold on there anonymous player thats a bit risky but to keep you in check Stratford
Shakes Hmmm looks like my only option is Amersham
Horace BatchelorChange at Paddington for trains to Keynsham (spelled K-E-Y-N - S-H-A-M)
Garner Ted ArmstrongWorship with me in the temple for victory on the sabbeth.
Stanley KnifeSudbury Hill Harrow please
Gary BackyardSpecial government train to the Churchill War Rooms at Westminster.
michreversals are allowed so I go Dollis hill
Gary BackyardYou can't initiate Wellington unless 3 players are in Nid and it is raining. Neither are true, so ........ Waterloo!
Mystery PlayerI can straddle those three Elephant & Castles for Dudding Hill Junction.
AmieOoo, Elephant and Castle allowed?
michreversals are allowed so I go Dollis hill
AmieOoo, Elephant and Castle allowed?
mich using the chaos inversion principle I will go Finchley Central
AmieOoo, Elephant and Castle allowed?
shakesgood move Henry I will opt for the safe move of Temple
Henry CrunIs Croxley Green allowed yet?
ShakesUsing Wellingtons 4th statagem I will go Perivale
DigbyUsing a Bakerloo Line semi-inverted approach to go to Lambeth North.
Roger Michael SlaterChange at Euston for Llawryglyn
Bard of CroydonGo to Mill Hill East. Go DIRECTLY to Mill Hill East. Do NOT pass Mornington Crescent. Do NOT win game.
SoniaHave you noticed on-train announcements say "fepping"instead of Epping? They ought use this system on journeys to UCKFIELD.
Rizla RedForward Triangulation from there gives me HAINAULT Via Newbury Park!
Colin DaleWell I was born in Colindale, but my move is Beckenham Junction.
SvenNew Cross
Shakeshumm Gunnersbury
MarcusArchway - gis a chance fat boy?
DigbyWelcome to the game, Mike! Warren Street.
Shakes hmmm I will go Temple
Tony BennEmbankment
Anne WiddecombeBaker Street 221b
Freda BelchCroxley Green
MikeI've just joined in. I'm new to the game. Maybe I'm using old rules, but am I allowed Aldwych?
shakesPutney bridge
DigbyCould somebody please eject Fat Banker from the game - unsportsmanlike conduct for making multiple repeat moves!
Fat BankerA double back to Burnt Oak
Shakeswhich in turn lets me use Hardys horrible sing turn to move to Waterloo east
DigbyBurnt Oak gives me an ideal opportunity to play a Rushton's Reversal move to Belsize Park.
Fat BankerA double back to Burnt Oak
Attila the PunIs there an echo in here? Russell Square
Fat BankerA double back to Burnt Oak
DigbyWhite City leads us very nicely to Island Gardens.
Shakesusing Humphs 3rd stratagem I will go White City
Classic diagonal to Finsbury Park
jumpeyspyderHard to counter that!, hesitantly.. Willesden Junction
Attila the PunBurnt Oak. Surely that puts you in prime Nidd territory?
Fat BankerA double back to Burnt Oak
Dollis Hill
GuyCanning Town
Attila thePunA six! Move forward three squares to White City avoiding laterals
shakesPutney bridge
Attila the PunI'm feeling lucky. Leicester Square
DigbyTanking things laterally to Latimer Road
Shakes Knightsbridge
DeeCeeClearly, Bank. Surely?
Attila the PunAvoiding Trump's wall with Charing Cross.
ShakesChalk farm
DigbyBack to Baker Street.
sebActon Town
sebChalk Farm
sebBaker Street
sebGreat Portland Street
DigbyFinsbury Park.
SvenPutney bridge
ShakesWest Ham
DigbyCheers for the cake Shakes! Russell Square.
Shakesas it's my Birthday to day cake is available to everyone at Bank
SvenHarrow on the hill
ShakesOxford circus
DigbyEaling Broadway.
ShakesWalthamstow central
MattEast London University
DigbyNo worries, Shakes! You'd do the same for me! Limehouse.
Shakes cheers Digby Epping forest
MattEuston Road
DigbyBad luck, Shakes - maybe this will help you out a bit, Goodge Street
Shakes Moorgate damn that puts me in NID
MattHighbury & Islington
DigbyA brisk lateral to Mansion House is needed methinks.
Beejam FreezerLooks like I will have to choose Seven Sisters
DigbyCamden Town - damn! So close and yet so far!
ShakesBurnt oak
Mr TrellisOpening it up a little: Heathrow, via Shinjuku
JamGunnersbury... how did I end up back here?
DigbyGunnersbury. Nice and simple.
Fat BankerA double back to Burnt Oak
Shakes Heathrow terminal 2mmm I see a pattern developing here
MattHeathrow Terminal 3
DigbyCircling for three hours and coming in to land at Heathrow Terminal 4.
ShakesCannon street
MattRussell Square
Shakes 2017 Perivale
Shakes Covent garden
MattGreen Park
ShakesHyde park Corner
PaulEncircled and then diverted to Kings Cross
MattBrent Cross
ShakesPutney Bridge
MattCharing Cross Road
Shakes Cannon street
MattTwickenham Juction
ShakesWembley central
DigbyAll the way out to Amersham.
MattLiverpool Street
ShakesWatford High street
Fat BankerA double back to Burnt Oak
MattCharing Cross Road
DigbyCannon Street - Boom! that should make things interesting!
MattVictoria & Albert
ShakesShepherds Bush
SamanthaWhite City
Shakes Harrow on the hill
MattKings Cross
ShakesCustom House for ExCel
MattHighbury and Islington
Shakesthat was me sorry Perivale
Mystery playerPerivale
DigbyFinsbury Park - using the new Night Tube Inversion Principle.
ShakesWatford High Street
Mr TrellisNivanov takes me to a King William Street
MattWatford High Street
Mr TrellisNivanov takes me to a King William Street
ShakesWhite City
DigbyOooh! Crafty move, Gary! Forces me into a diagonal deviation - Royal Oak.
Gary BackyardHa! You must be having an off day .... Museum Station (Nivanov's exception allows for abandoned stations after Old Street)
Mr TrellisFrom the lack of action, I can see that has put us all in a bind. Assuming Trumpington's Variations are in action, I'll go Old Street
DigbySorry everyone, I know this won't be a popular move, but I have to play Limehouse. Sorry!
Mr TrellisOh, good move: so near yet so far. Stanmore: take that!
Gary BackyardClever! Though I shall call your bluff ... South Kensington
Move to bank
DigbyOnly if the previous move was an obverse lateral, so you're alright there. Richmond.
Mr TrellisDoes New Cross Gate take me into nip?New Cross Gate
Bard of CroydonEaling Broadway.
DigbyGotta think fast to avoid the offside trap! Moorgate.
Mystery playerCockfosters
MattLong time no speak. Bank
bond streetbond street
Gary BackyardLooks like problems with a hyperthing. Samantha often has problens with the internet, says her mouseball needs lubricating.Holborn
AnthonyYou must think I'm really stupid. Who could forget the Fairlop via Bank fiasco? I'm sorry guys but I'll have to play the diagonal. Wimbledon.
Bard of CroydonNot sure what just happened there, but I'm headed for Bow Road.
AnthonyYou must think I'm really stupid. Who could forget the Fairlop via Bank fiasco? I'm sorry guys but I'll have to play the diagonal. Wimbledon.
DigbyThat's okay Anthony, even Grand Masters make mistakes! Wimbledon's a pretty good move. Let's do a lateral shift to Golders Green.
DigbySorry Anthony, the rules state we have to take your first move. However it's not a bad move - it gives me a chance to play Vauxhall without sending anyone into nidd.
AnthonyYou must think I'm really stupid. Who could forget the Fairlop via Bank fiasco? I'm sorry guys but I'll have to play the diagonal. Wimbledon.
AnthonyMortimer's Conversion; Cockfosters.
Shakesgloucester road
DigbyTime to use a reverse diagonal - Cockfosters.
ShakesBow Church
Bard of CroydonActon Town.
Shakes Wow Matt that is a hell of a move it leaves me with no choice Temple
ShakesBetter play safe Covent Garden
DigbyOuch! This is gettin' tricky! Better calm things down a little by playing a safe diagonal - Shadwell.
Bard of CroydonOh bloody hell, you're right. Well played...Rickmansworth.
Gary BackyardHah, fell into my trap. Illegal move as it violates the Wexford Convention. You lose all tokens and go directly to Brixton
Bard of CroydonHeathrow Terminal 5.
Gary BackyardNot subtle enough ... I shoot to Woolwich Arsenal at full velocity.
DigbyEmbankment allows me to play a sneaky lateral to Gunnersbury.
ShakesAnother good move matt but you fell into my trap Embankment
MattI appear to have vanished. Nevertheless, Bethnal Green seems safe.
Shakesoops that was an error my bad I ment Bank
ShakesThank you Digby, I thought I'd never get out, Baker Street
DigbyHere Shakes, I'll do you a favour and play Limehouse to take you out of nid!
Bard of CroydonBayswater, that should secure me for the moment.
Gary BackyardWhile on the subject of bakers, Monument (reverse Walburton)
Shakes Baker Streetoh dear thats put me in NID
DigbyFinsbury Park - Booooom! 'ave summa that!
Bard of CroydonThis has got very serious all of a sudden, South Harrow.
JumpeyspyderOuch , shakes you're playing hardball, only option is Canons Park
DigbyStepney Green looks very good Bard - a tricky move to follow! I shall play Balham.
Bard of CroydonHaven't been here in a while...Stepney Green looks good.
Gary BackyardDiagonal spevin to St Pauls
Shakes ooh good move Matt Temple (of doom)
DigbyLoughton. Pretty safe move but I don't want to risk going into Nidd.
Shakes staying east East Ham
Shakesok if we are going east then East Acton
DigbyCross the footbridge and over to Waterloo East
gary backyardCrossed legged to waterloo
Bard of CroydonBloody hell, I'm gone just a bit and by the time I get back we're at Putney Bridge. Alright...Bromley-by-Bow.
ShakesIndeed Digby Putney Bridge
DigbyA case of Deja Vu Shakes? Lewisham.
Shakesfast and furious action Amersham
DigbyCharing Cross - a neat little safety move to stop y'all from getting carried away!
Shakesfast and furious action Amersham
Gary BackyardAha .... Morn oh no, sorry I missed the lateral trump.In that case, Elephant and Castle
DigbyI'll use Numan's Northern Line Negative Notation to play Farringdon.
Gary BackyardFripp! Gonna slide across to Mudchute
Shakesno need for that sort of langue scott you might Turnham Green
Bard of CroydonThat really does spice things up. Balham.
DigbyLet's spice things up a bit - Embankment
ShakesPutney Bridge
Bard of CroydonMile End.
ShakesGurtcha Digby that means I'll have to play Upton park
DigbyA fine move Bard, but I'm letting my ruthless streak show - Becontree.
Bard of CroydonBloody hell, what's happened here? Chorleywood, I suppose.
DigbyWhoa!! Steady on Gary! I'd better put your shenanigans to an abrupt halt by playing Waterloo East.
Gary BackyardAhhh there it goes again ... Gonna try Vauxhall instead, home of the other spooks.
Gary BackyardHolborn - exploiting Rothman's caveat
Gary BackyardMy PC is haunted by the ghost of Hump!Back to Mansion House!
Gary BackyardHolborn - exploiting Rothman's caveat
Gary BackyardUpgrading to Mansion House
Shakesgood move Digby Swiss cottage
DigbyUsing Planter's Picadilly Principle, thus effecting a reverse diagonal, I shall play South Ealing.
Shakes New Cross Gate
Bard of CroydonHammersmith.
Mystery playerkings cross
shakesI've been away to my move is Gunnersbury
DigbySorry Baldrick - I'm gonna be a b*****d and play Cannon Street to keep you in Nidd!
BaldrickYou smeghead! Holborn *should* get me out of Nidd... I hope...
Bard of CroydonFinchley Road.
BaldrickI play Rise of the Clown! By sacrificing Debden, I can force all players to Notting Hill gate, provided I go to Nottingham.
DigbyLooks like it's battle stations then - best hop to Woolwich Arsenal to stock up on ammo!
BaldrickA-ha! I reveal my face-down card: Polymerisation! I combine Moorgate and the Guardian of the New Cross to enable me to play New Cross Gate... in attack mode.
DigbyI think I'll take a chance on Chancery Lane.
Bard of CroydonCanada Water.
BaldrickI'll play Moorgate in Defense Mode, and put one card face down.
JLLook at this board state, it's patently absurd. And wonderful. Willesden Junction.
DigbyTime for a crafty terminus move methinks! Wimbledon.
Bard of CroydonWell this is very interesting indeed. Caledonian Road.
BaldrickA reverse reverse diagonal should end your ploy. Cockfosters.
Dame CeliaPlaying the reverse diagonal, Morden.
DigbyHmm... interesting. I'll have to tread carefully here! Umm... Royal Oak.
BaldrickThat's any line with a service that calls at Bank locked out... Slough.
Aeolian HarpTotteridge and Whetstone (contradiagonal exception 7iii from the Guild of Deaf Piano Tuners' alternative handbook 1911)
BaldrickWe'll transcend the Underground and move onto Penzance. That's one hotel on Mayfair, please banker!
DigbyI know this won't be popular, but needs must to avoid Nidd - Farringdon (sorry!)
Bard of CroydonBounds Green.
rossoIf we are allowing 'Ghost Stations,' British Museum
Gary BackyardClever, putting on a play to Tooting Broadway
DigbyCanny move Bard! Mudchute
Bard of CroydonSorry I've been away for a while, my move's to Ealing Common.
Attila the PunUsing the old barrister;s oyster card gambit to avoid the fares , I am laughing all the way to Bank
ShakesI will go with.....Euston SquareAlight here for the Brittish Museum and Friends House
DigbyThanks bard, we all the know the importance of quick thinking in this game! Stonebridge Park.
Bard of CroydonVery quick on the uptake there, Digby, I had half a mind to take Upney myself. Northolt.
DigbyPhew! now that the District line is back in play, Upney.
Bard of CroydonEdgware Road, Bakerloo line.
DigbySolid move, but as we all know, a move to Barons Court locks out the District Line for the next three moves. Barbican.
Captain's DaughterAlthough... yeeeah, apologies, I see I can't just jump to Aldgate East like that. Barons Court.
Bard of CroydonLeytonstone.
DigbyNice move! Got to think outside the box to avoid Nidd - therefore, Gants Hill
Captain's DaughterAt this point it's quite a challenge as certainly Stoke Newington would be an obvious move.. Took me an hour of office time to come up with something tricky - Goodge Street it is then!
Bard of CroydonNorth Harrow.
ShakesParsons Green
DigbySome rapid-fire moves going on here! Poplar.
Hannah HassallFinsbury Park
Bard of CroydonYou most certainly are, I've not had to get out of a situation like this in a long time. Alperton.
DigbyMonument - am I on a roll at the moment or what?!?
Bard of CroydonWell colour me impressed Digby, that was one hell of a move. Any defence is bound to be little more than a compensatory effort, so I suppose Becontree works well enough.
DigbyKennington - how's THAT for a cunning stunt?!
Bard of CroydonChiswick Park.
DigbyThanks Shakes! I shall now invoke Boris's Blackfriars Bonus Bonanza!!
ShakesGreat move Digby,Tower Hill
DigbyHmm... interesting move, I'll need to be careful to avoid Nidd. London Bridge.
Bard of CroydonOK, Gants Hill.
DigbyM... Mo... Mor... Morden.
Bard of CroydonNice play. Osterley.
Bard of CroydonAlrighty then, Cannon Street.
DigbyThe cabbies shelter near Lord's does a nice cocoa to let's go to St Johns Wood!
Attila the PunAlas I have missed the hob nobs. Perhaps there will be cocoa later. Bank
Bard of CroydonClapham South.
DigbyOkaaaayy... with that in mind I shall make a conservative play and go to Waterloo East.
Bard of CroydonRuislip, I think that ought to work quite nicely.
St. PancreasCunning play here. My only realistic option is to travel north-south-north to Borough. Biscuits have remained north of the river ready for collection.
DigbyThat was me by the way! Let's all go to Charing Cross. Don't ask me why... it's just going that way y'know!
Shakes Nice move dig Stratford
DigNice use of Covent Garden exit strategy there! Which leads us nice and neatly to Beckton.
ShakesCovent Garden (exit only)
Bard of CroydonThank you, I thought there was definitely something there. Elm Park.
DigbyWhat. A. Move!! Really hard to follow that one... Let's see... Goodge Street.
Bard of CroydonOh, very nice. Very nice indeed. Buckhurst Hill.
DigbyGood call, gives an opportunity for a seriously aggressive move - Greenwich. BOOOMM!!!
Bard of CroydonMansion House, I think.
DigbyHmmm... Maida Vale.
ShakesSt Pauls
DigbyI shall use Robinson's Reversal Ruling and go to Goldhawk Road. There are a couple of Hob-Nobs left if anyone wants one!
ShakesBow church
Bard of CroydonWanstead.
Shakes Wapping
DigbyHmm... I'm getting a distinct feeling of deja vu with St. Panreas' latest move so I think we should disregard it! I will go with Heron Quays to get things back on track.
St. PancreasCunning play here. My only realistic option is to travel north-south-north to Borough. Biscuits have remained north of the river ready for collection.
stevecharing cross
ShakesDigby I think I'll skip the biccys and move stright (or as stright as I can be) to the cake Victoria
DigbyShakes - No Bourbons I'm afraid, but there are some choccy digestives waiting at Finsbury Park if anyone's interested.
ShakesI'm more of bourbon man myself on which note I'll go Blackfriars
St. PancreasCunning play here. My only realistic option is to travel north-south-north to Borough. Biscuits have remained north of the river ready for collection.
DigbyEuston - picking the biccies up along the way! Custard cream anyone?
St. PancreasCunning play here. My only realistic option is to travel north-south-north to Borough. Biscuits have remained north of the river ready for collection.
ShakesIn which case using the latterals South greenford
Bard of CroydonCovent Garden.
shakes Beckton
DigbyAaaaaaaaall the way out to Amersham!
ShakesHaving missed out on tea and bisuits i'll go Harrow on the Hill
Bard of CroydonNicely done; I'll take the old '49 Spin over to West Finchley.
JLWith the last of the biscuits spoken for, I will reflect a lateral off Elephant & Castle and end up at Queen's Park for a nice pause in the action.
ShakesI'll go see the bard Southwark
Bard of CroydonThe Bard sees you, and heads to Woodford for those biscuits.
ShakesI'll go see the bard Southwark
St. PancreasCunning play here. My only realistic option is to travel north-south-north to Borough. Biscuits have remained north of the river ready for collection.
Bard of CroydonHmm...Clapham North.
DigbyNice one Shakes! That leaves me able to use Osmond's Ruling of 1975 and go to Morden. And as we all know, playing Osmond's now means that the next three moves must be south of the river.
Bard of CroydonYou're right, that really has disrupted things. I suppose I'll go for Debden then.
DigbyNow I know this won't be a popular move but circumstances dictate that I must play Tottenham Court Road. Gotta avoid going into Nid somehow!
ShakesGrange hill
JLI will take a cue from last year's Madrid Series semifinal and double-jump to Turnham Green.
ShakesSeven Sisters
Bard of CroydonThanks, I try to go for the unusual plays. Mill Hill East.
ShakesIntresting move Bard Chigwell
Bard of CroydonExcellent, biscuits always change things up. Croxley.
St. PancreasIf biscuits are ready then I could go to Rich(Tea)mond or possibly Hol(Bour)born. I will in fact go for the obvious - Green Park.
ShakesSudbury town
JLBow Road. The Piccadilly timer now rolls over to zero, which means biscuits are ready.
ShakesSudbury town
Bard of CroydonYes, that's a good point. Latimer Road.
St. PancreasLooks like all Bury's are now wild- Highbury and Islington
Bard of CroydonQueensbury.
VforcostmerservesI'm goingt o follow the yellow brick road to Watford
shakes I'm going to go with....Ep.. no scrach that Chigwell
Bard of CroydonI often find myself skirting the upper levels of spoon, though admittedly this is a little higher than usual. Chesham.
St. PancreasBlimey. I leave the game for a few days and it has escalated dangerously close to ?maximum spoon?. To restore a bid of law and order - Parsons Green.
JLAh, at long last the laterals on the Circle Line are open! Thus, Aldgate.
shakesSouth Ealing?
Bard of Croydon...Northwood Hills.
shakesSouth Ealing?
Bard of CroydonEast Putney. Oh yes.
TomSwiss Cottage
ShakesI was just trying to avoid Nid Greenwich
Bard of CroydonAh, I see. Not the path I'd have taken, but to each their own. Rayners Lane.
ShakesI was just trying to avoid Nid Greenwich
Bard of CroydonBank...hmm, that's interesting. Not quite sure of the intent there, I'd better be on guard. Manor House.
Bard of CroydonOh, well played. Well played indeed. Let's see...Kilburn Park.
DigbyOf course, playing Harlesden now means that all Zone 3 stations are wild. With that in mind I shall play West Acton. 'Ave summa thaaaat!
Bard of CroydonThank you, I've been working on my precedence game. Harlesden.
JLExcellent foresight being shown here. If I'm not mistaken, Bard, you now have precedence and I'm in the bizarre position of having to move to Knightsbridge (yes, a Zone 1 station!) to avoid an access penalty.
Bard of CroydonThat really shook things up, especially with the Morden move - please, take a seat, tell us your name, I think your style might make things interesting. Anyway, I'm for West Hampstead.
Ooh errr missus i will go Mordor no sorry Morden
DigbyTime to throw a monumental spanner in the works - Theydon Bois.
Shakes Great move Bard Putney bridge
Bard of CroydonThe pace has really picked up here, this is getting tense. South Harrow.
DigbyWell intercepted! Farringdon.
VforcostomerservesAhh I see the trap you were laying Shakes you can't get me that easy Euston Square
ShakesGet your passports ready Pimlico
Bard of CroydonLoughton, I think the potential huff might come in handy.
ShakesGot a new car it's a greenford
DigbyOoohh, good play Shakes!Waterloo East.
shakesChalfont and latimer
JLWe've just entered a type 2 Lane state. Hold on to your hats, everyone, this is going to get messy. Beginning the insanity with Victoria.
Bard of CroydonNicely done, very smooth. Chalk Farm.
DigbyHmm... I think a diagonal DLR lunge to Tower Gateway.
St. PancreasI will take the inverse of your hyperbolic path and square root it, thus leading me to High Street Kensington.
Bard of CroydonI drink to your health then, and to your groats...Knightsbridge, the hyperbolic path it traces looks quite elegant.
(optional)Slow recovery, poor health, down to my last few groats. Turnham Green.
Bard of CroydonAgreed, I don't think I've ever been this deep in quasi-blockages before. Tom seems to have eased things up a little there, but it's still rather uncomfortable for my tastes. I'll pull the old '31 Switch to Leyton, that should hepl.
TomOxford circus
JLThis game is quickly developing the most complicated set of quasi-blockages that I've ever seen! My best option looks like White City, scoring points off Shepherd's Bush by an en passant entry.
Bard of CroydonMudchute, now that was unexpected. Well, I suppose I'll head to South Wimbledon then.
DigbyYay! The Mojo's, Blackjacks, flying saucers and jazzies are on me! Oh, and my move is for Mudchute.
St. PancreasDigby, by my calculation your Bank wins you a total of 12 shillings that has amassed for this entire game. Meanwhile, I will invoke Ffarquhar?s northern approach to Canons Park.
Bard of CroydonYou're right, I see it now, how foolish of me. I put it down to experience, the game is woefully underplayed in these parts. Anyway, I think I'll head for a backward parabola to North Greenwich.
DigbyBANK. That wasn't a move by the way, just banking the money amassed so far in this game!
(optional)A mad move Bard, the kind of risk an old player like myself wouldn't even consider but I salute your youthful exuberance. Me, I'll reside at Boston Manor.
Bard of CroydonOf course, it's been some time since I've gone down this strategy but I think I can make it work. Hmm...Barking.
DigbyIt does indeed, although try and be minful of the fact that Metropolitan Line moves must be followed by a District Line inversion. So with that in mind I shall play Ravenscourt Park. Welcome to the game Bard!
Bard of CroydonThis is my first move in this game, am I right in thinking this variation allows for the Metropolitan Entry at Eastcote?
Nominative DeterminismInvoking the 1957 Korean Reverse Theory, I think we can slip past the gatekeeper and make it to Shoreditch.
Gary BackyardHuhhm ... Chancery Lane was a little risky. I am going to envoke Dee's preference and scoot to Seven Sisters! Hah - get out of that!
St. PancreasEmbankment is good. Haven?t seen a move like that since that infamous quarter final of 1997 in Luton, and we all know how that ended! My move to Chancery Lane will seem quite amateurish in comparison.
(optional)Embankment indeed! I'll invoke a Back E.M.F. bush skim and make for Waterloo.
DigbyWho said that?? Come on, own up to it! No one plays a masterstroke of a move like that without at least mentioning their name!!Anyway, a class move like that needs a subtle strategy to avoid going into Nidd, so I will use a reverse shift and take us to Stamford Brook.
Digbyit does indeed St Pancreas - Turnpike Lane enables me to employ Brooke-Taylor's Picadilly Line Exclusion Principle and take a southern lateral approach to Crystal Palace.
St. PancreasLooks like we?ve reached somewhat of a stalemate, Kenton often has that effect. So I?ll use Barnaby?s half-ultimatum to Turnpike Lane, which should get things flowing again.
(optional)Well Digby, that's put the cat amongst the pigeons! Kenton.
Gary BackyardHolborn - exploiting Rothman's caveat
DigbyI am invoking Rushton's Reverse Radial Resolution to take us to Rotherhithe.
Attila the PunSounds like we may be in a somewhat sticky wicket so I'll go silly mid off with Elephant and Castle
St. PancreasNow that we?re in a new innings, I?ll use Botham?s half diagonal to Kennington.
JLNow that we're on a new wicket, I'll cross over dual-diagonally to Wood Lane.
DigbyOval - new bails please!
St. PancreasTo avoid leaving my laterals exposed i'll invoke a Frumpington Bypass to Stanmore.
DigbyA standard iverted lateral progression leads me nicely to Boston Manor.
Attila the PunUsing Blenkinsops fourth approach (with sidebars) - CockFosters
(optional)First rate strategies being played here. To avoid the cross-fire and beastly traps until the new year I'll invoke a 'polymorphic paradigm' and reside in Chorleywood for the duration.
Gary BackyardQueensway - paddle me, paddle me!
AceKings cross
JLDigby, your subtle attempt to set up a three-line Godfrey Block has not gone unnoticed! Getting a piece of the action with a lateral procession to South Kensington.
DigbyA wise move NooNoo, The Royal Paddle should be avoided at all costs. Sore buttocks can really put one off one's game! I will use a parabolic shift to Royal Oak (That's by using McWhimple's Parabolic Inversion Principle, by the way).
NooNooIf Cryer's Third Rule from 1995 is applied, then anybody who goes for a station on the Central line is liable for a very harsh spanking with a paddle covered in barbed wire, and said paddle is to be wielded by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. As such, I shall be making a move to Upminster.
St. PancreasIf i?m not mistaken I can go from Grange Hill to Hanger Lane for 30 bonus points and extra custard!
DigbyGrange Hill - Let's go and visit Ziggy Greaves by using Mrs McCluskey's patented Central Line Principle.
FerratHammersmith ,the root centre
JLOh, that's a Baker Street Triad, isn't it? Very nice. Can't let it progress to a quartet, though, so... Mile End.
michelleswiss cottage
St. PancreasThat move to Barbican has put a spanner in the works. The Hammersmith and city line is now blocked (for obvious reasons) and so I will employ Montague?s diagonal variation to Bayswater.
DigbyLet's throw in a curve ball to liven things up a bit - Barbican.
TESSA Ealing Broadway
JLI think I'm now allowed to continue Steinham's Second Series to Whitechapel. I don't have much experience with disused stations, so someone correct me if I've done something terrible!
SternFairlop a rare outing of Steinham inversion via disused Essex section
St. PancreasThanks for the sheen. I hadn?t taken into account rotations, so I will deduct myself 12 points (as per Norton 1987 regulations). But now that play is more open I?ll use a Bakerloo expansion to Marylebone.
DigbyGreat move JL - almost worthy of a grand master! And since parks score double at the moment I'll go with Park Royal.
JLGreat move, (optional), really opens up the game! Under Norton rules, a sheen into zone 1 means that all parks score double until we reach a line terminus, so I'll use a variant Thames Slide to get to Queens Park.
(optional)St. Pancreas, I think you've placed yourself in a Commons or Gardens Rotation. Employying a sheen, which should help? Leicester Square.
Colin DaleColindale
DigbyAbbey Road - to annoy American tourists who think it is where the iconic zebra crossing is (it isn't! - Abbey Road station is on the DLR and is nearer to West Ham than it is to Abbey Road studios),
Gary BackyardDeja vu - these trembles are getting worst ...From Green Park to St Pauls by exercising Bishop's Prediliction.
Gary BackyardHolborn - exploiting Rothman's caveat
St. PancreasAfter several weeks I'm thankfully no longer in an Edgware triangle, and so I will undulate to Green Park.
DigbySorry Fiercely, your move to Mornington Crescent is a bit premature. Norton rules clearly state that any move to Morning Crescent must be preceded with by a move which adopts a diagonal inversion approach. (Optional's) move was clearly a reverse lateral so I'm afraid that invalidates your move. A typical novice players mistake so don't worry, we won't hold it against you!Any, with Fiercely's move invalidated I shall go from Ealing Broadway to Russell Square.
FiercelyLoyalI'm glad that you took that fast backtrack to Ealing Broadway, as it makes explaining my move all the more fun, I'm using the Norton rules to traverse clockwise past the 180 degrees without it being classed as anticlockwise and therefore being invalid in order to travel to Mornington Crescent.
(optional)Excellent use of angles here and intimidatingly thoughtful play. Backtracking fast to Ealing Broadway.
St. PancreasThat move to Notting Hill Gate has trapped me an ?Edgware triangle?. Thanks a lot. The only option I now have is to use the DLR to Canning Town. I know the DLR is generally frowned upon but I have no other choice.
JLI know the typical follow-up to Moorgate - Westbourne Park is a double parallel inversion to Bank. Problem is, if any more tube strikes occur, that would leave the game in great danger of a very long Nidd state. So, I'll be a bit risky here and use a single inversion instead: Notting Hill Gate.
DigbyGood call sir! And of course any move to moorgate leads very nicely to Westbourne Park.
St. PancreasTube strike on the central line means I must perform an emergency diagonal shunt to avoid a permanent state of spoon, which of course leads me to Moorgate.
DigbyUsing a combination of standard diagonal approach vectoring and the new Emirates Air Line, I will go with Emirates Greenwich Peninsula.
(optional)Playing a 'K2 Escalation' to Upminster.
SDCCBelsize Park
St. PancreasInvoking Frampton?s second inversion, quite a tricky maneuver that, but leads me nicely to Blackfriars just in time for tea.
DigbyOooh good move sir! I believe that takes us safely out of the Westminster cycle (unless some numptie inadvertantly sends us straight back into it by playing a reverse diagonal). So I'll play safe by going lateral to Tower Gateway.
(optional)Complex play here. Invoking a 'Henderson Expansion' which might provide a little breathing space. Temple.
St. PancreasWestminster Cycle means all gates are wild, so I will straddle along to Lancaster Gate.
DigbyGood thinking JL - Gamit maneuvers can be pretty tedious to negotiate and just make a game descend into a boring series of safety moves - let's not go there. So with that in mind and in keeping with the Westminster Cycle I shall pop along to Embankment (even though the Northen Line platforms are closed at the moment).
JLI'll have to go with Bayswater. I know it traps us in a Westminster Cycle for at least the next 4 moves, but it's the only way to avoid a Gamit maneuver, which would allow a standard inversion and then MC in 3 moves.
JLIn light of the similarity of the past few moves to the final game of the 2008 Euro Championship... Acton Town.
DigbyThat means I'll have to go lateral to avoid going into Nidd - let's see... Goldhawk Road.
St. PancreasOxford Circus - using Rothman's bilateral gambit and exploiting all five diagonals
Humphrey LytteltonElephant and Castle.
optionalPassing St. Pancreas on contra line at Russell Square
St. PancreasReturning out of spoon and nidd now with Russell Square
DigbyHarrow & Wealdstone using Watson's Bakerloo Line Principle as featured in "Mornington Crescent For Dummies - a bluffer's guide to succeeding in the gentle art of Mornington Cresent (4th edition)".
St. PancreasWell that's left the circle line in a state of irreversible disrepair. Thus, Northwick Park (using hopkins rule).
DigbyUsing Datchett's Diagonal Imperative I will play Turnham Green.
St. PancreasWell that's left the circle line in a state of irreversible disrepair. Thus, Northwick Park (using hopkins rule).
optionalHighbury and Islington - using Hawksworth's dialectic.
DigbyGunnersbury - Using Watkin's third parallel gambit.
Attilla the PunMy hat is off because I am in Nidd (obviously). Avoiding the diagonals with Euston
St. PancreasProviding hats are on, this leaves me no choice but to by-pass Regents Park and head straight to the less fashionable but more cunning Holloway Road.
optionalLeaving the Circle line to travel to the Oval via Leicester Square and Charing Cross.
DigbyTheydon Bois - a bit of a 'vanilla' move but should keep things going nicely.
Gary BackyardStrike that, had a touch of Mornington palsy -Green Park (Verde cross mangle lateral with a cherry on top!)
Gary BackyardHolborn - exploiting Rothman's caveat
Zachary KlaasBethnal Green - this would be a fantastic play if I were Jeremy.
Gary BackyardHolborn - exploiting Rothman's caveat
Oxford Circus
George MichaelMudchute to Swiss Cottage - Two of the places I got caught
HainaultHainault - Where Peter Hain got caught for stealing a typewriter ribbon!
cosmicWimbledon, new balls please.
Nick SouthgateDigby, your move was illegal if you are in 'spoon'. I suggest you clarify. Either way I think you'll find Canons Park satisfies Cosmic's "new balls" directive.
cosmicWimbledon, new balls please.
DigbySeven Sisters, using a standard semi-lateral-inverted-radial-diagonal-northern approach.
Pierre DuboisDisappointed that this website doesn't tell me what set of rules we're playing to. Marble Arch is the only one I can think of that will work with all formats.
LambkinShepherds Bush
BenBank via the castle of doom and the causeway of despair.
Mystery playerArnos Vale via Richmond.
DigbyClass move Matron! (doffs hat in recognician of superb tactical play) I'll respond by using De Willis's Overground Revision and go to Rotherhithe.
DigbyUsing Trumpington's Westerly Traversal Technique I will go to Willesden Green
MatronI'm invoking Peer's Stoppage Rules and my move is Holloway Road.
GeeGeeOh no you don't! Bank.
Attila The PunWoolwich Arsenal ..that should move us on a bit
Attilla the PunIn view of the current recession I shall abandon my principles and go to Leicester Square.
GeeGeeI think I shall play Niblett's Gambit and plump for Whitechapel
mr trellisi double back on a bilateral, but the 1972 land slide rule mean i cannot pass go, and have to skip round the circle line to sloane square
Hugh JanusGolders Green is rendered out of play due to Rule 37 coming into effect follwing the outward legstep and reverting to reverse elision rules means that the next move is . . . . . Finchley Central! (At last!)
GeeGeeSeeing as we're out of Nid now, I'll have Goldhawk Road. And I may be in Spoon but I have a note from me Mum. So there!
GeeGeeI don't know about anyone else but I don't recall Rule 37 permitting duplicate moves. Even if you are an amnesiac. Old Street.
Hugh JanusGolders Green is rendered out of play due to Rule 37 coming into effect follwing the outward legstep and reverting to reverse elision rules means that the next move is . . . . . Finchley Central! (At last!)
GeeGeeThe old outward legstep eh? Only to be used by experienced players owing to the risk of invoking Spant's Lateral Embargo. Pimlico.
Hugh JanusGolders Green is rendered out of play due to Rule 37 coming into effect follwing the outward legstep and reverting to reverse elision rules means that the next move is . . . . . Finchley Central! (At last!)
Juan SaponatimeA triple spring with outward legstep takes me to Golders Green.......only a few stops from home!!
Coco SounessThere was a Lambeth South but Boris Johnson lost it. I shall have to continue my defensive play and go for Stockwell.
Juan SaponatimeWhy don't they just rename it Lambeth? Is there a "south" as well? Apart from Southwark? Two golden splonders says that this forces a triple rebound !!
coco SounessI don't think that rule applies under this variation, does it?Although I agree it has forced me into wobbling on the diagonals. Looks like I have to go defensive and play Lambeth North.
Juan SaponatimeCoco...you are out because you forgot to declare the Big Ben strike before your pass at Westminster.
Coco SounessIt's going to be a hung parliament! So I get to take advantage of Leibnitz's hung parliament 3rd variation rule and take a second turn to ensure the game doesn't end with everyone in 'Heseltine' and declare Westminster.
Coco SounessI'd watch out on your left flank if you want to avoid a rather embarrasing slide into nid if you attempt a prime move triangulation. It happened to my grandfather in the 1983 Mornington Crescent (Scotland Region) grand final. I shall say Farringdon via standard metropolitan rules.
Juan SaponatimeThe perambulator shove has taken me to Theydon Bois. How good is that?
Juan SaponatimeBank.....That will be ?5 please.
Coco SounessI think I shall block you with the slide rule to Aldgate East.
Coco SounessAre you a banker? In which case I will tax you at 100% and now you owe me a fiver. I'll take a little trundle on the DLR and say Blackwall.
Juan SaponatimeBank.....That will be ?5 please.
Coco SounessKennington (Bank Branch)
The Colour BarsI think we will have some testcard special action and decamp to White City
Coco SounessI don't know about that GeeGee; under these rules your sailing fairly close to ending up in Nid!Mind you, I think you could be playing a tactical hand to force me into a shunt on a diagonal and ruin my triangulation strategy. I'll take us south of the river to Surrey Quays.
GeeGeeWild? It's practically the third world. West Hamsptead
Coco SounessI think I shall play Harrow & Wealdstone under Stovolds 3rd variation. Especially as it gets double points with it being a national rail station and it is wild.
maltese crossThat'll put you in Nip - especially in this weather. If Samantha would permit - Pinner!
GeeGeeBoston Manor? You don't want to be hanging around there. Perivale
CocoSounessI will take advantage of Monetcute's second station ruling and progress the game to Boston Manor.
GeeGeeIf we're still in spoon I'll have Kilburn
BethanyI have never seen Wood Green mentioned, and yet it has potential as a move
maltese cross...no, I think you misheard. I said we need a banker. Which reminds me - through Green Park... and... Barons Court. Fair and square.
OssificationNo, no no no not Balham, not with these rules, sorry, can I take that back? I meant to say High Barnet!
Juan SaponatimeIs there anyone else on this train to Bank?
Juan SaponatimeBank.....That will be ?5 please.
Juan Saponatime?5 wasn't enough. I should have asked for ?50 at Moorgate,mate!
Juan SaponatimeBank.....That will be ?5 please.
Gee GeeDollis Hill I think
Mad Dave CMTricky one this ... Aaah...Lambeth North
WonkoTooting Broadway... hang on, am I allowed a lateral shift? It might need adjudication.
jockoTraverse to Hatton Cross. Allowed by retroactive application of the Greyfriars' Gambit (Nodd's 2nd variation).
SX manUhhh... Epping's tempting, but I've never epped all the way before. So Theydon Bois will have to do.
duck tracyI was up the Prince Regent the other day - he din't like it though!!! BOOM, BOOM!! Hainault via Newbury Park
GeeGeeBaker St. If anyone's up for a pint, I'll be in the Prince Regent
maltese crossI think Jocko's shortly going to be in Nip - because I'm asking Humph to invoke the Hapsburg Connection. Grimaldi's Protocol therefore takes precedence. Fairlop!
jockoTraverse to Hatton Cross. Allowed by retroactive application of the Greyfriars' Gambit (Nodd's 2nd variation).
maltese crossAhh - I see what you're doing. So I'll see your Finchley and raise your momentum. Turnham Green? No - it's absolutely Barking...
the one and onlytheres only one move i can do a double down on the bakerloo line (totally leagal because of the previous cornet pactice at tooting broad way) so i slide on the diagonal to finchley road
Chorley's AuntNo, he most definitely wouldn't! He has cornet practice right across the board (including diagonals) - so it'll be Tooting Broadway.
maltese crossIf Samantha would permit... oh, well, maybe Chorleywood then.
SteveyLateral shift to Victoria, a similar move to that used by Stovold in the 1989 champtionship final.
jockoTraverse to Hatton Cross. Allowed by retroactive application of the Greyfriars' Gambit (Nodd's 2nd variation).
The Amazing RandoKings Cross. yes he is, no doubt about it.
Tooslo ByarfGoodge Street or bust.Samantha's bust, that is.
jockoTraverse to Hatton Cross. Allowed by retroactive application of the Greyfriars' Gambit (Nodd's 2nd variation).
MarcusHmm. I'll have to take the lateral route to Ealing Broadway.
jockoTraverse to Hatton Cross. Allowed by retroactive application of the Greyfriars' Gambit (Nodd's 2nd variation).
meMoor Park. Simple yet effective I think you'll find.
Walter LieuInteresting Move, how about a circular route - Oval.
Richard MondAn end-of-leap-year swazzle inflection: Theydon Bois
MongPutney Bridge. Via East Putney, using the 1931 Canoe amendment.
meAh-ha! Bank (and I know there's no interchange thank you ).
Cardboard CockneyMy preferred move if we were using pre-September 1994 rules would be Ongar - in which case I feel a strong position can be developed using twin divergence on Southbound. I presume this would be decreed invalid by the ruling committee on this occasion and will therefore play safe using a Ulysee's switch. My move is Chalfont & Latimer.
meKnaresborough was ditched but only in favour of the Solaglass convention. So he's not in NID. He is in Spoon mind. Moor Park.
Attila the PunA swift diversion to Bank. We ditched Lord Knaresboroouhs rules in 1976 (at least at County level) - you're still in NID though...
Duck tracyBloody Hell!! I've found myself in NID!! Miss three goes. We should get rid of Lord Knaresborough's rules!!!
MornC MasterFinchley Central for a de la rue run at mornington crescent next go
duck tracyI can block you using the traditional en passe! Hainault via Newbury Park! HA! HA!
MornC mastercockfosters eh? that might have cost you the game buddy i can get to mornington crescent the turn after this if i play my cards right.i move to Mordern
El DMmm, thinks.Cunning plan required.Hounslow Central.
MornC masterdamn thats messed me up now, i have no choicei have to straddle to Chalfont and latimer on the lateral
El DAaargh! Not the Dollis Hill loop! Only one way to deal with this. Take a long run at it and....Stratford.There!
MornC masterI place a green token on camden town and move to dollis hill invoking the dollis hill loop
El DKenton??Ah, Bermondsey!
El DMmmm, think I see the way this game is going.So ? Stratford.
Attila the PunGood question and well put. Neasden whilst not strictly out of bounds is largely unplayed due to the Caruther's Quango manouvrve - which as you no doubt know went horribly tits up in the 1947 final play offs
SnufflesTottenham Hale
geraldlewisham (for the Jubilee extension) otherwise it will go to Earls Court Olympia, leading straight to MC the following move
AdrianOr do Oxford rules apply. In which case I suggest that the next player assumes a reverse gruntfuttock's posture. Risky but only way to avoid repeated visits to Dollis Hill and drag this game on interminably..
AdrianDamn. I should have invoked the Trelawny exception. Too late now, though -- We are well and truly stuck in the fortescue loop unless someone can pull off a Monckton-Twistelton reverse and get us onto the central line. Still Dollis Hill.
AdrianCan't see anyway out of it thanks to PJ's irritating (perhaps brilliant?) move, so it's back to Dollis Hill. Groan.
Wisey WooIf we are conducting ourselves with honour, I believe the only option now is Boston Manor
BaconAre viaducts wild? If so, Marble Arch.
mr trellisturnpike lane
Rabid OneWood Green
The ProfessorKings Cross St Pancras
The ProfessorEaling Broadway
macrescueSouth of the river, invoking rule 27a Kew gardens
PrinceTottenham Court Road - I am new to this
The ProfessorEuston Road
AliBaker Street
Attila the PunHeathrow - using the BA variance approach and so narrowly avoiding the extra tax
Reinsurance kingSnaresbrook
Reinsurance kingLiverpool Street I have never before heard this on the showBut when playing central line variations it is the penultimate move
SimetraGoodge Street
E. Harshaw, LL.B., M.D., Sc.DA fair witness tells me that was an error so I am going back to Grange Hill
Mystery playerBlake Hall. Delayed service, was booked to arrive 1958.
SimetraBlackfriars - Mind The Gap
Andy HallNo, but 221b Baker Street will be my next move.
nicciknows anyone the adress of george michael in highgate?
BernArnos Grove
SimetraMudchute...no side slides allowed
bishnarWith the current bad weather I can't do Heathrow so I'll have to back-double to Paddington
mewillesden junction
Rjh27973Normally from being in such a tight position I'd be tempted to go all in on the first go and say MC, but in this occasion as the Battersea Dogs Home clause of 1852 may be envoked I might just be able to get away with Hatton Cross
SimetraMudchute...no side slides allowed
MorningtonmasterAccording to Clause 3(b) of the Bath Convention Rules (1957) I should be able to make a direct cross to Harrow and Wealdstone at this point.
Mr TrellisThere's only one place to go from here..... Either Hyde Park Corner or Bank..... but as we aren't playing the Weakest Link rules, will go to Crystal Palace.
Andy HallWill have to go Tottenham Court Road, Buslane thereon.
_This is likly to be my only move of the game:finsbury park
Alexkensington high streetkensal green
Cardboard CockneyMy preferred move if we were using pre-September 1994 rules would be Ongar - in which case I feel a strong position can be developed using twin divergence on Southbound. I presume this would be decreed invalid by the ruling committee on this occasion and will therefore play safe using a Ulysee's switch. My move is Chalfont & Latimer.
Alexkensington high streetkensal green
Cardboard CockneyMy preferred move if we were using pre-September 1994 rules would be Ongar - in which case I feel a strong position can be developed using twin divergence on Southbound. I presume this would be decreed invalid by the ruling committee on this occasion and will therefore play safe using a Ulysee's switch. My move is Chalfont & Latimer.
Cardboard CockneyI can assure you I only played that move once - either some dastardly man is repeating my move or the PC is kaput.Bethnal Green
Cardboard CockneyMy preferred move if we were using pre-September 1994 rules would be Ongar - in which case I feel a strong position can be developed using twin divergence on Southbound. I presume this would be decreed invalid by the ruling committee on this occasion and will therefore play safe using a Ulysee's switch. My move is Chalfont & Latimer.
Attila the PunNormally you could use a down escalator, but with the lift counter conversion active this would constitute an unviable approach. You could have taken the up escalator but that would obviously have left your laterals dangerously exposed to nidd. Oxford circus
THE DOCTORI think Cardboard Cockney had just discovered a new loop, or the rules have changed since my day.Clapham Common
scuffsterI'm new to this, but couldn't I use a down escalator and go "Temple" from here?
Cardboard CockneyMy preferred move if we were using pre-September 1994 rules would be Ongar - in which case I feel a strong position can be developed using twin divergence on Southbound. I presume this would be decreed invalid by the ruling committee on this occasion and will therefore play safe using a Ulysee's switch. My move is Chalfont & Latimer.
Andy HallI think Chalfont and Latimer is an overused move..so I huff you and go Shepherds Bush, Shepherds Walk and Ewe-ston... 3 Shepherds.... Beat that...
Hanger Lane Liberation FrontHanger Lane
Cardboard CockneyAh, I feel someone something underhand (or should I have underground) is going on. Someone has played my move exactly as my previous. Dashed unsporting. I revoke the second illegal Chalfont & Latimer move as precedented by Fontague-Smyth in the Barking & Dagenham Open of 1976. Using a Bratislava reverse option, I will call terminuses are open and move to Uxbridge. This leaves a potential double route and a plausible attempt on Mornington Crescent provided the next player doesn't digress at Hanger Lane.
Cardboard CockneyMy preferred move if we were using pre-September 1994 rules would be Ongar - in which case I feel a strong position can be developed using twin divergence on Southbound. I presume this would be decreed invalid by the ruling committee on this occasion and will therefore play safe using a Ulysee's switch. My move is Chalfont & Latimer.
Attila the PunI notice that the previous player's name spelt backwards is Molosba - presumably a reference to the Molosba double bluff on the laterals manouvre of '42. I play Whitechapel
absolomwhite city
AndyBethnal Green.
Cardboard CockneyMy preferred move if we were using pre-September 1994 rules would be Ongar - in which case I feel a strong position can be developed using twin divergence on Southbound. I presume this would be decreed invalid by the ruling committee on this occasion and will therefore play safe using a Ulysee's switch. My move is Chalfont & Latimer.
Andy HallHnag on..just remembered Hall's 3rd Inversion.... better make it.... Behind the waterpipes, 3rd Washroom along, Victoria Station
Andy HallLeyton
silli psy bynhanger lane for room tea
Heraldodam, I just noticed the triple Euston gambit has been played, does this still invalidate my move under the Suez rules, or have they finally been officially revoked?
HeraldoElephant and Castle
The ProfessorSouthwark
NeilI shall invoke the London Bridge act of 1925 and i shall precede to Morn..nah er Bermondsey
El DiabloTurnham Green
El DiabloBayswater
Attila the PunMaking use of the relaxed clamping rules and avoiding the low level bridge ...Hanger Lane
micktotteridge and whetstone
BobMKings cross
kameuston sqaure
jparsons green
kameuston sqaure
E A StactonArchway. I know this is a move usually only allowed if one is Welsh, but I am claiming this under the Rule of Low Level trajectories.
Hamish and DougalDollis Hill!
mr trelliskings cross
kameuston sqaure
HumphZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz... er what Southfields?
Attila the PunSouthfields?? Even allowing for a surprise lateral and application of the sponge ..that would be well off limits.. Adjudication please Humph..
Lorry M OrganSouthfields
Attila the PunHypotenuse ?? Damn and blast it - I meant cosine - Ah well it's Hammersmith for me then...
E A StactonEaling Broadway. Using a hypotenuse after a counter to Nesbits Gambit nullifies the move. Please pay attention!
Attila the PunHmmm - swift application of Euclidan geometry on the hypotenuse of the circle line leads us to -Marble arch
fuscusEaling Broadway.
E A StactonArchway-(Nesbits Gambit)
Chris P. BaconWembley Park
E A StactonWhitechapel
Jamesaldgate east
HamishIs that not a northern approach?Errr.... Canada Water
Dizzy WizzyI think i will invoke the Tottenham convention of '78 and play Hyde Park Corner
MacCaledonian Road
roadkingeast ham
Attilla the PunWell that and the contra flow stymied my end gambit. It will have to be...Ruislip..oh no no I withdraw..Ruislip Manor I meant
Alf FromeOld Street dammit
Attila the PunLeaving me with an obvious Trellis conversion....Euston
DizzleyThanks for clearing that up. I believe that lets me out of spoon - after 2 years! Straight to Moorgate then.
Grammaththen I'll have to slide down the hypoteneuse to Elephant and Castle
MeaksI'm opening the triangle and playing Theydon Bois
green donkusNorthbound and upward to DOWN STREET!
davidfinsbury park
heheSadly this give me the perfect chance to invoke the Dollis Hills loop, which is too tempting to avoid.
Old NolControversial choice this one - Baker Street
Dr JeckylUsing the all change at major stations rule....Hyde Park Corner
user2Green Park
DamnathanThat was a vertical approach, was it not? Holland Park.
JohnYou've left me with an easy Bayswater
back to Embankment, I'm afraid.
poonsdoublie gimble you say?that allows me a free move through oxford circus without nip penalty and I sayElephant and Castle
SimetraBounds Green - a gimble reversal
mr. trellisBond Street
Carmen MirandaArnos Grove
FontlebergI'm going to have to open up the board using the War Provision Rationing Rules of 1942, and head straight to Belsize Park!
SimetraBounds Green - a gimble reversal
Piccadilly Petetaking a wrongun to Ealing Broadway
JossmanCutty Sark and avast heaving
Mike SankeyJust a quick shifting to Swiss Cottage
Attila the PunDaylight Saving hours adjustment allows me to go ..Sloane Square
sydneyparadeCockfosters - a sly huff.
SimetraBounds Green - a gimble reversal
attila the pun..which allows us entry to the SEVEN SISTERS
swannyCanning Town (ecclesiastical back double)
PhilHOLBORN - got quite a few of you cornered there if using the Welsh Sunday '97 amendment
attila the punInteresting and cleverly approached on the diagonal thus blocking all the obvious moves leaving me with a risky ... Shadwell
TFLI'll open the field up a bit as we seem stuck on stations within the circle line by going for Fulham Broadway. I hope that helps.
attila the punWell, I'll have to grab your arsenal by the laterals .... and say Kings Cross
TartThat leads me quite unexpectedly onto Camden Town. Painfully, excruiciatingly close to our nemesis.
HelenBut Roz, aren't you in spoon? EMBANKMENT
rozWhich means that I get stuch in the convention halls loop and end up at EARLS COURT
moel_hebogWhich spells Krapy Rub Snif in reverse, leading us to Monkeys Align Point - or KENSINGTON OLYMPIA
mbfosI invoke a reverse triangulation(with pike) and say Finsbury Park
FoppHaving grabbed the Chalfonts firmly, it has cleared the way for a quick return to Mudchute
billboard peteYou are joking aren't you. With ot without the escalator rule Barbican is one of the worst moves that can be made! Hainault Crossing Manouvre, as used in the World Championship of 58, should have led you to be wary. However, you seem to have got away with it as some fool put Putney Bridge, so obviously I am going for Chalfont and Latimr.
smithersAnd unless anyone has involked the up escalator rule without saying so, I get another go, so Barbican
The DoctorHigh Barnet
MoggLondon Bridge
George W. BushTooting Bec
Perkin WarbeckWHAT?? BANK? You can't do that if the vending machine is out of order, thus forcing you to invoke Mother Anna of Widdecombe's Seconde Rule of Thumbe and exclude all play on left facing diagonals. On the other hand, Arnos Grove was good play. Erm....where shall I go from there....Marylebone...
oriental connectionno no no sorry Bank
oriental connectionArnos grove
Alfie THOMASQueens Park
Perkin WarbeckDear Mrs Trellis, I hate to throw a spanner into the teacup but I've just noticed that the Mystery Player failed to realise that old Stovold's Nip Variation quite explicitly makes no exception for the Circle Line and hence the move to Tooting Bec is in direct violation of Broke-Tailleur's Second Proclaimation of 1935, whereby conversions to the Circle Line were not permitted when crossing from an escalator restricted zone. I hope you can see where I'm coming from. If not, try looking the other way. Yours sincerely, Perkin Warbeck (aka Warkin Wardrobe)
Perkin WarbeckMy golly gosh, I haven't seen that attempted since Alexander the Great defied logic by crossing the Seventh Parallel at Charing Cross directly to Vauxhall! Erm...the only option from there has to be St Pancras
Mystery playerTooting Bec (avoidin the problems presented by approaching the Cirlce Line in Nip)
Jem8472humm good move,I invoke the short left slide and go to russell square
smithersAnd unless anyone has involked the up escalator rule without saying so, I get another go, so Barbican
smithersMarble Arch
Jem8472WOW thats a daring move. I think I need the cross line movment ruling, so I can go to shoreditch
THX`umm... hainault. *phew*
NelsonAs I've just had some Lucozade the only move really is Maida Vale. Damnit, I should have thought about that in advance.*it was, of course, plain Lucozade, as no doubt you will have realised.
NelsonI forgot to say I invoked the Double Entendre Rule, hence allowing us to return to Maida Vale. The next move must be South though, unless anyone invokes that other rule, the name escapes me...
NelsonAs I've just had some Lucozade the only move really is Maida Vale. Damnit, I should have thought about that in advance.*it was, of course, plain Lucozade, as no doubt you will have realised.
MEKew GArdens
Alien Cop In DisguiseA move to Bromley by Bow should make me a row
DaisyArnos Grove followed by Cockfosters
WackyMCRacerHyde Park Corner
Pope John PaulSt Pauls....quickly!
fishbourneI'm so very Poplar
SubZeroUsing the Parkinson perojative as my guide...Chalk Farm
BernardPossibly lands me in Nid - failing that, Totteridge and Whetstone.
clarence mousepartnerParsons Green (or Red if you are colour blind)
HQAn emergency call from the control room at Broadway. All back to St Jamess Park for biscuits.
Television's Richard BaconMaida Vale (Watneys's)
Mungo A TramwicketTurnham Green - they'll thank you for it
Treated ScouserThanks! Returning the favour by SE intercity diagonal to White City...
Welsh Rarebittlike my monument - al move?
Harold (Gladys) ClutterbucketHanger Lane
Gregory TopovBank. Note that a red departure token must be surrendered to the player on your right, and the transport card must be exchanged with one at the top of the pile.
StanleyLivingstone crosses the floor, I presume- Kensal Green
Timbo TrumpkinsFor my first and probably only move, i jump to Kentish Town invoking all the trumpets and bookmarks. Bookmarks are in play, trumpets will be moved sideways. Potentially suicidal i know, but should liven things up a little.
Please go home!A pint of cockfosters please
sarksof course aldgate means I shall have to purchase a new one - ah wella wella said the girl with fair hair
sarksAldgate I should reckon. Playing the political route today I think
busterBank what
peter mayerbank
Woolster MistencroftI'm going to slide up to Mile End, thus enabling a fourth lane grift across to All Saints if the mood takes me.
Harold TrousersIf I'm not much mistaken, a move to Notting Hill Gate allows me the opportunity to double-last-gasp onto the Piccadilly Line if a later occasion demands it
Tony BlairHampstead Garden Suburb
ProjoySomething in the region of Dagenham East.
gandalfI am the guardian of the sacred fire - you shall not pass... (sorry, forgot meself for a moment there) err.. Ealing Common (who needs diagonals, anyway!!)
big papa jpimlico (using Petrivnik's diagonal variation)
NobbyElephant and Castle - by way of Tooting Sodbury
Metro96Assuming diagonals are alowed...... Euston
Hans Nesson-Bumpsadayzee I can't believe this board has been reduced to trans-loop oval ties already. To try and raise the standard of play a litle, Tottenham Court Road.
I have not been allocated a name!Let's restore nomality . . Holborn, Please!
Happy TubaGrumpy Saxophone( are you of the Sopranos?), that's a very onanistic set of moves that can only lead to a sticky and dead end. I invoke the little rembered Trellis double-back strategy, sometimes known as the beast with two backs because it is devilishly difficult to reverse, which Mrs T. claims to have invented in the early 'Fourties whilst sheltering from the blitz in Sloane Square known at the time by the nickname of 'The Tunnel of Love!' The only known antidote is a gambit played by members of an esoteric cabal called Highgate and Woolitch.
Grumpy SaxophoneUpton Park to Mornington Crescent!
Grumpy SaxophoneHarrow and Wealdstone to Heathrow Terminals 1 is a parallel under the Chalk Farm '92 convention. Upton Park.
Grumpy SaxophoneNo... thats a vertical move... isn't it? Heathrow Terminals 1.
Grumpy SaxophoneRubbish! Harrow and Wealdstone!
Grumpy SaxophoneCan you do that? Sounds a little too much like the kilburn convention to me.
Grumpy SaxophoneAnybody? No? Well I'll play with my self. Tottenham Court Road
Grumpy SaxophoneWhite City
bored stendentIn the post 9/11 world, I feel international conventions such as that concerning the use of the inverted Gamit manoevre are irrlevant. So I declare Warren Street. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
Mick Sing-BowellsDoesn't Moor Park take us past our quota of Batt's Increments? I think our mystery player is looking to be given a lifetime exclusion from the game (or "Bill Oddied" to use the original term)
Evan Jellicle(To Viv Aceous) Don't Bank on it., Androgyne.
SparkyColliers Wood
Eva DestructionOxford Circus
Viv AceousWhy, Evan Jellicle - I do believe I have you rattled Sir! You and I both know that you were caught fiddling with st johns wood not too long ago!!!!!
Evan Jellicle(To Viv Aceous). You Swiss Cottagers don't fool us, you're always into back down moves, taking it up the Elephant and Castle and all available tunnels! Should be ashamed of yourselves abusing our hospitality and toilets. Go back to Berne in Hell!
Dai Caesar the 20th.Let's not forget the roots of the game as set out in the header. The original line was from Y Drenewydd to Llanllwchaiarn famous for its Shepherds Bush which had to be seen to be believed although much of it was woolly and white. However the line fell into disuse due to pronunciation problems. Still the Llanllwchaiarn Convention remains the classic arcane move known only to native pronunciers. When used as a Circle Line Parallel it is unbeatable. Joining the cabal costs the mere sum of lots of money. Please apply directly to Ivy, Mrs Trellis who will also manipulate your points for a small consideration although size does count for her.
Joe KerrThe Tin miners can't but the colliers wood
Ray O'LightBut seriously my move is Stockwell
Ray O'LightThe chip shop burned down - all the police found was Blackfriars
Dai TryingRydw i wedi hoffi'n Bank! Diolch yn fawr. Hwyl.
Viv AciousFulham - ha - you didn't expect me to know the Swiss Cottage reverse backdown move eh?
terry leanhas no-one seen my double bluff? Victoria of course you young reckless fools
terry leanwimbledon - will no-one stop my canny wiles?
Alfredo GarciaBank (always handy if playing Weakest Link rules Mornington Crescent)
Cameron Dennis Road (or Cam-Den for short)Sorry, I meant Northern LINE - Northern Live is a variety show on Yorkshire TV featuring the famous competition where entrants have to make their ferret bite famous quiz-show hosts. In light of my error, I will penalise myself by withdrawing Swiss Cottage in favour of Vauxhall
Cameron Dennis Road (or Cam-Den for short) If the Northern Live is in Spoon, then surely we have to assume that the Circle line will open up and take on a diagonal of its own? In which case, I can only say Swiss Cottage.
OggyDoes Westminster Bank count as two moves?
DKI think the bellfounders gambit to Whitechapel is in order here.
Gordon BennettHeathrow Terminal 4, reducing the line velocity by three and causing the passengers onboard to miss their flight, and putting the Northern Line into Spoon.
Froggy(Chairman) I find that the best pint of Cockfosters with a Stagballs Single Malt Chaser, is to be found in the Trunk Bar of the Elephant and Castle. Meet you there at 9 O' the Clock. I'll be wearing a green skin.
ChairmanHugo and Oggy, Please stay within the time-honoured traditions of fair play in this game or dont bank on me removing your moves. Where can one get a drink here anyway?
Oggy(Hugo)Please tell me the point of it all. Wapping.
Hugo Rune[Oggy] Not with play like that, it ain't. Goodge Street.
OggyWestminster. It seems that I can put any old tripe down here and it goes through. Is there any point AT ALL in this drivel continuing?
Juan SaponatimeDo bookies runners meet at Ladbroke Grove?
YI have got a bit of a listhp. Would you "Rotherhithe" your head in the thand?
Inspector RogersI am sick to the back teeth of this sort of puerile stuff you get on the net these days,what wil the public at large make of it all, it's enough to Turnham Green
albinPredictably, Elephant & Castle. But am I using the Treacle Gambit? You be the judge.
Mark LederhosenTodays attempt to muff-dive under the Channel on a eurostar from Waterloo was postponed due to the use of non-regulation mirkins. Another attempt from the Paris side will be attempted on Sunday.
Juan SaponatimeIs it a Becontree or an 'ambush?
West Ham FC winning promotion next season?Hammersmith
Juan SaponatimeInvoking Ancient Ceramic League Ruling down the Mudchute
Juan SaponatimeMudchute
Gerry RaffertyBaker Street
Boy DavidManhood comparisons in public place.....Belsize Park
Froggy MooreFrogs leap onto North Circular ....... Preston Road
Dr SeusInvoking Dai's Convention on Vertical Escalators, Willesden Junction. Thank you.
J K RowlingThe hottest day of the summer so far was drawing to a close and a drowsy silence lay over the large, square houses of Privet Drive... The only person left outside was a teenage boy who was lying flat on his back in a flowerbed outside number four, dead, killed so we can all escape this madness and eliminate forever these annoying pop-up windows on websites which keep popping out of my computer screen trying to sell me tedious Potter paraphenalia...oh sorry, got carried away - Canary Wharf as long as the escalators are working.
Billy JoelUpton Park Girl
Oscar WildeQueensbury Rules on my opening night of being earnest...
Big TedWhat's through the Oval window today?
Ineffectual DIY equipmentAmersham
the weakest linkBank!
SoulsingerDionne Warwick Avenue
HairdresserHigh Barnet.. Beehive and Bouffant
BooksellerEdgware to the dustjacket
Froggy's tree houseMorden
Cunning LoitererShe told me she shaved but when I got there I found it was all Bull and Bush.
Darth Vade MecumOxbridge academic climber. Hillingdon.
anti-nazi leagueNick Griffin's dream? White City.
Lingua FrancaDown Street, joined to Cunnilingus Lane.
Met Drug SquadWe've finnally caught up with the drug lords...Barons Court
Tony BlairIn my determination to get rid of the militant tendency especially in Liverpool, I've made Hatton Cross!
Soccer fan Ivor Rattle (Simon's Bro)Surely our totemic English Captain isn't stuffing the white stuff up his hooter. Surely not a Tooting Bec?:
stanley knifeNeed a bit of an edge? Try the services of Totteridge & Whetstone
penurious salomemaida vale
Welsh glacierMaida Vale
GrannersTufnell Park, a playground for a drinking, smkoking England cricketer who says 'honest guv, I'm not Brahms and Liszt or Al Caponed.'
C.S. ForresterBecontree....a trunk call?
SuperyobUpney and a sick sensation for me victim.
friends of the earthTurnham Green
net userLepidopterist...Pinner
Rampant VicarHornchurch
Froggy MooreThe full Monty, Arsenal
septimus shagnastyI hear that paedophiles are grassing each other up....'Theydon Bois'
Sari PatelUnlock your Bombay dreams with my East India Quay
user Stanley KnifeWhat is the world coming to, even eels are mating younger at Elverson Road!
KenBarbican, if you ask her nicely.
Pedicure support for jelly babyMarble Arch
Out of the ClosetWalter - sorry, Waterloo
Priest's hole in oneParsons Green
Froggy MooreStanmore
Whisky GaloreCutty Sark
Heavyweight bad actorLewisham
Goliath againMile End
Royal temper tantrumKings Cross
Guy Ropes' erectionsNorth Greenwich
Chairman scandalLancaster Gate
Carnival scandalNotting Hill Gate
Othello scandalMoorgate
Gay cleric's scandalCockfosters @ Bishopsgate
Goliath's little GoliathWapping
Chinese twin sisters-Wood shee & Woodn't sheeChorleywood
jesusNew balls please Southfields
George MichaelSwiss Cottage
Newtown PoliceCRIME ALERT! We have reports of two Seven Sisters of Mercy CDs stolen - all operatives, keep a sharp one out!
Sherlock Holmes221b Baker Street and don't spare the horses
Stanley KnifeBalham gateway to the south (passim)
Tony BlairHouse of Lords...bugger, forget that
Froggy MooreCan I jump over Paddington Bear please
Welsh dykeShepherds Bush
Any german goal-keeperSouthgate
Tony BlairWeapons of Mass Deptford Bridge
Gordon BrownI have discussed the five tests for convergence today with the Bank of England before we had a jolly good game of M.C.
Ron DaviesClapham Common
K. MerkinA pint of Cockfosters please
Dai CaeserI dont wish to blow my own Hornchurch but isnt that against welsh sunday rules
ChairmanNo vertical moves down the horizontal to Fairlop allowed in the game please players

2003-2056 Mrs Ivy Trellis and in memory of the Chairman, all rights abandoned worldwide