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Message to Peter

Cake at Peters Opening

Photograph believed to have been taken shortly after Mrs Trellis' aunt became slightly tipsy on a fermented apple juice and shortly before she fell forward in to the large chocolate cake in view in this rare image from Peter's Opening.

Please leave Ivy a message on her bulletin board...

...who always gave me such good service, appears to have been superseded by it (sorry I.T.)

"Anyway, the long and short of it is, I uncovered a previous commitment, a tree-surgeon, with a long and searching pole, had hooked us in to the Honeysuckle Suite at a local hotel.

"I still have a soft spot for Newtown Station as it has provided the platform for many of my most erotic (I think she means exotic - ed) journeys.

"I also retain great memories of exhibiting my works in the Parcel Room gallery with a male artist whose own works I thought exceptionally well-hung by the curator.

"I'm so sad to miss the opportunity to encounter Councillor Blobby Grills with his expertise in logistics as I think he is best placed to answer my query about how to ship a big load through a large bay window.

"I wish the very best to that Kevin Merkin and hope that he's still hanging on by his short and curlies.

"I'd like to congratulate my friend Mike Plater, who with his expansion into foreign markets confirms his expertise with tongues.

"And finally, a special word for my very dear friend Pennis Compton, and hope that his clients have slotted well into his new orifice. And remember that Samantha is on hand to help erect his vital signs.

"I hope you all have a Saturday night experience to remember on the station, and haven't I had some in my time."

Best wishes, Mrs Ivy Trellis

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